Our company Insight Inside provides services in the area of recruiting qualified candidates, personnel consultancy, personality development and training of sales and executive skills.

In the area of candidate recruitment and placement, we specialize in middle and top management and specialists with qualifications and expertise in different areas across these specializations: 

• Finance & Accounting 

Information Technology

Sales & Marketing

The portfolio of our services includes recruitment consultancy (for instance efficient recruitment, testing, the Assessment Centers), potential assessment and further development of employees (for instance Development Centers, training of sales and executive skills). You can find the portfolio of our services within our specialization: 

Consultancy & Trainings


You are interested in finding a job or you want to find more information on job opportunities in your field of business? More information for the candidates.

You are looking for qualified candidates within the areas of our specialization? We are offering our customers complex services from finding suitable candidates, to recruitment, to placement and further development. More information for the companies.


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